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Fashion Unisex Sneakers Trend in Ghana

They wait in long lines in the excruciating heat. They squeal with delight over the stitch on the shoes or the faux snakeskin upper. Colors more likely to be seen during Carnival in Rio than on any self-conscious Ghanaian are hits. Catty quips about style choices are met with irrational exuberance over over-hyped new designs.

No, these aren’t the insufferable Carrie wannabes taking up Ghana’s sidewalks—they are teenage boys and grown men all over Accra going on about Fashion sneakers.

In terms of China’s contributions to global style and comfort, the Fashion sneaker has to rank up there with the T-shirt and riveted jeans. And as can be seen in any mall or casual glance along the roadside, Chinese brands are no longer the fashion and clothing sidekicks they once were.

Today, Fashion sneakers are a hugely lucrative juggernaut. Finding it’s way to the home of every young man and woman in Ghana. Apparently everybody still wants to be like Mike—so much so that kids get shot over pairs of his namesake sneakers. And the footwear’s infiltration of the fashion world is pretty much complete.

As always, Lynn Fashion GH is ahead to bring trending outfit to Ghana. Here are some of our most trending Fashion sneakers

In his new book Slam Kicks: Basketball Sneakers that Changed the Game, published by Rizzoli this week, Slam Magazine editor Ben Osborne sketches the vivid and passion-filled history of the sneaker. Osborne takes us back to 1917 and the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in Massachusetts, and the company’s iconic hi-top All Stars.

With the All Stars, Osborne also introduces the two significant themes that underpin not only his book, but the wearing of basketball sneakers to the present day.

The first is the move to assign the naming of shoes to a specific, recognizable person. In this earliest case it was Chuck Taylor in 1921, four years after the shoes were released, who played for the brand’s semi-pro All Star team. Taylor offered his two cents for some changes to the shoe, and in turn Converse named the shoes for him, and placed his now iconic signature on the side.

This trend may seem unsurprising to us today, accustomed as we are to celebrity branding for everything from perfumes, to impotence medication, to food. But more than almost any other consumer durable, the success of a basketball shoe is commensurate to the star wattage of who is wearing the kicks. Part of this is unique to basketball. Football may be the biggest sport in the world, but even if you idolize Ronaldo, you can’t exactly wear his cleats to class or the club. On the other hand, in basketball you can not only wear what your idol is wearing—you can look good in them.

Bottom line, whether we like it or not, sneakers has come to stay in Ghana and Chinese’s Fashion brand is spearheading that industry with top quality products at affordable prices. If how much we’re willing to pay for them is a measure, the future of the sneaker seems healthy. For the sneakers yet to come,popularized by the players who stutter-step, jump, and run in them, the path forward laid out by those who came before seems pretty clear. Step out, with style.

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Nike Will Introduce a New 1,694 GHS Auto-Lacing Sport Shoes in 2019

This afternoon, Nike held its quarterly earnings call for Q2 of fiscal year 2019. One of the major announcements made by CEO Mark Parker was the sportswear company’s plan to bring a new smart shoe into the performance basketball market in 2019.

With the new trend of fashion sneakers in Ghana, this will be a welcomed news for Nike and sport fans in Ghana.

“I’m excited to announce that in the new year we’ll launch a new adaptive performance platform in basketball at the $350 [1,694 GHS] price point,” said Parker. “We have a smart shoe designed for the perfect fit, and it’s a major step in advancing and connecting our digital transformation to product.”

Nike Executive Vice President Andy Campion later revealed that this introduction of Hyperadapt to basketball will be launching in spring 2019. Rumors of the HyperAdapt 2.0 being a self-lacing basketball shoe originally surfaced back in 2017 when legendary designer Tinker Hatfield confirmed it was in development at the time.

If the shoe features similar technology to the original Hyperadapt, this pair would be seeing a significant dip in retail price from the 1.0’s 3,484 GHS ($720) price point, making it much more accessible. Stay tuned as more details become available regarding Nike’s latest basketball innovation for 2019.

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